Pow Wow helped take our idea and turn it into a well-defined, well positioned brand concept with a unique value propositions, and clear messaging. Josh and his team were organized, efficient, and most importantly knowledgeable. We can easily and entirely recommend Pow Wow to anyone looking to refine their brand or develop an entirely new position and associated messaging.

Todd Handler

Co-Founder & CMO, N Force Labs

“We challenged Josh to identify a simple but unique brand message that would evoke a visceral response from existing and prospective clients. The word ‘unique’ is overused and generally isn’t true, but Josh was able to make the connection. If you need a team who can execute quickly with *truly* unique ideas and concepts, Pow Wow is the company.”

Angela Tietze

Founder, CEO, ECN

“To any entrepreneur, startup, or business of any size looking for clarity, direction, and a creative approach to building a successful brand, Josh is your go-to guy! Making the choice to work with Josh is hands down the best decision I could have made for setting myself up for success. Before working with Josh, we were confused and unclear about our brand and the message we wanted to communicate. With Josh’s help, we successfully built a meaningful brand that I am proud of. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to our success left us feeling inspired, understood, and excited to share our new message. Thanks to Josh, we now have the clarity to communicate our mission and value to our clients with confidence.”

Jenica Mnich

Co-Founder, Hot Haven / A Premier Sauna Studio

“Josh Canova helped us define and capture the soul of our company by getting clear on our mission and developing a powerful message. He absolutely nailed our essence right down to the name. His combination of guidance, creativity, and sound advice on brand position, messaging, and communication was immeasurable and continues to be a valuable resource in the growth of our company.”

Rob Gutstein

Founder, President, Federales, Inc.

“Josh is the first consultant who ever ‘got’ what I do. Not only did he get it, but he was able to help create a new brand and message that fit me perfectly—far better than I had ever done in the past. Josh is compassionate, kind, and highly skilled at what he does. I can’t say enough good things about his work.”

Meribeth Dayme

PhD, Founder, Director, Core Singing, Inc.

“We were recommended to Josh to help brand our Signature Program. Now I know why he calls his company POW WOW…. Wow—Josh over-delivered! He created some fantastic ideas that we were able to put out to a test group and then, with their feedback, he went back to the drawing board to expand upon the feedback. It is a joy to work with Josh and we are incredibly happy with the results!

 “I highly recommend Josh for your branding!”

Renee Ascencio

CEO, Natural Healing Center