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A blog about brand positioning, messaging, marketing and design written by our brand experts.

A blog about brand strategy, messaging, positioning and design written by branding experts.

6 Steps to writing digital ads for your brand like a pro

Be Concise: Digital ads on every platform have a character limit, so they can only be so long. This restriction is put for optimization purposes, but it’s also there to protect you against yourself. It’s no secret that people's attention spans are at an all-time low....

What’s your story?

Are you able to communicate your brand message with clarity?  Are you attracting new clients?  Are you increasing your sales every quarter?

Mind Your Own Business! Key1: Intentional Grounding

  Many new business owners over-complicate the concept of the foundation. They spend tremendous energy and focus on the location of their business, their pricing, whom to hire, what kind of desks to order…the list goes on and on. Yet they ignore the most...

Mind Your Own Business! Key 2: Question Authority (That’s you)

Of all the changes you’ll face in the life of your business, one of the most unexpected is how your feelings about the business itself will change over time. There will be days where you’re at the top of your game and everything is coming up roses, and days where...

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