If you don’t have a blog for your business, then you need to start one immediately. Blogs have evolved over the last decade as a major marketing mechanism. Just a few years ago, the function of blogs was limited to something akin to an online journal, an avenue for unpublished writers to express their thoughts and feelings. Fast forward to today: blogs have now transformed into a tremendously effective yet underutilized marketing tool.

Think of building a blog as being the same as investing. It starts off slow, but it’s very rewarding to watch as it gradually grows. When you do blog, ensure that you blog effectively. Don’t post thin content. Think about adding value.

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind before you dive into your blogging initiative:

1. Regularly add compelling content

Posting a few times a month when you “get around to it” will not be enough to grow a loyal readership or garner a sufficient level of content to repurpose on rainy days. Weekly. You should be posting weekly! Publishing a steady stream of content serves two purposes. It allows for your site to grow into a desirable destination for the reader. Readers are starved for great content and nothing passes a 30-minute subway ride like a few articles. Second, posting a solid amount of content allows you to repurpose them later on, which opens up an endless amount of doors and possibilities. Repurposing is exactly what it sounds like: reusing content you have already created by sharing it in another format.

Some great ways of reusing blog content are:

  • Repurposing blog copy as tweets
  • Repurposing blog copy into short 30 sec, easily shareable, viral clips
  • Repurposing blog posts to create a newsletter
  • Repurposing blog content into an eBook

2. Nurture and grow your audience

It’s not just about pushing blog content consistently. You also have to nurture and grow your audience over time. You can do this in many ways, but one of the most important things to remember is that just because you write and publish something, it doesn’t mean the readers will start swarming to your site. You have to get your content in front of people’s eyeballs. If you keep this in mind, you are already above your competition. Put a link to your blog on your website, ideally somewhere that’s easily noticeable. Extra points if you slap the latest blog posts on the first page of your site!

3. Stay topical

Compelling blogs are built by staying topical. That’s how readers are attracted. In other words, stay in your lane! If you’re writing about fashion news, don’t start blogging about finance at the drop of a dime. If you’re discussing marketing, you can’t suddenly pivot to health insurance. Get the picture? Stay topical so that you can provide some certainty to your audience about topics that are relevant to your business, establish domain authority, and make search engines happy.