business And Brand coaching that helps companies turn their unique value into revenue

We know what it takes to build a business from the ground up because we’ve done it.  We’ve suffered the valleys and sang from the mountain tops and we know it can be a lonely road. Experience has taught us that If sales aren’t growing, it usually has something to do with your audience, your value or your message.. and we can help you fix that by helping you understand the relationship between those 3.  From startups to some of the most influential brands, We’ve helped companies find their true audience, identify the problem their really solving, and create a clear message that attracts more clients and creates consistent, predictable revenue growth.  We teach proprietary tecnhiques that we’ve developed like GPS Positioning, I.C.E. Niching,  PEG Profiling and others that deliver measureable results.  


Here's how it works


Step 1: schedule a complimentary call to discuss your Goals



step 2: create a plan that will get you there



step 3: execute the plan together


Pow Wow helped take our idea and turn it into a well-defined, well positioned brand with a unique value proposition and clear messaging. Josh and his team were organized, efficient, and most importantly, knowledgeable. We recommend Josh to anyone looking to refine their brand or develop a new position and associated messaging.

Todd Handler
Co-Founder & CMO, N Force Labs

We challenged Josh to identify a simple but unique brand message that would evoke a visceral response from existing and prospective clients and he blew us away. If you need a team who can execute quickly with *truly* unique ideas and concepts, Pow Wow is the company.

Angela Tietze
Founder, CEO, ECN

Making the choice to work with Josh is hands down the best decision I could have made for setting myself up for success. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to our success left us feeling inspired, clear, and excited to share our new message. Thanks to Josh, we now have the tools to communicate our value to our clients with clarity and confidence.

Jenica Mnich
Co-Founder, Hot Haven / A Premier Sauna Studio

Josh Canova did an incredible job at helping us get clear on our mission and message. His guidance, creativity, and expertise was instrumental in the growth of our company.

Rob Gutstein
Founder, President, Federales, Inc.

Josh was able to help create a new brand and message that fit me perfectly and helped me attract more cients.  Josh is compassionate, kind, and highly skilled at what he does. I can’t say enough good things about his work.

Meribeth Dayme
PhD, Founder, Director, Core Singing, Inc.

Now I know why he calls his company POW WOW…. Wow—Josh over-delivered! It was a joy to work with Josh and we are incredibly happy with the results.
I highly recommend Josh if you’re looking for the right message for your brand!

Renee Ascencio
CEO, Natural Healing Center


  • Define a clear mission so everyone working with you shares your vision and becomes a rainmaker.
  • Identify the problem you are solving for you client so you can speak their language and attract their interest.
  • Create a position in the market that you can own and your clients will remember.
  • Create a strong mindset framework and work/life balance so you can optimize your performance, manage your stress, and avoid burnout.
  • Develop a strong social media presence so you can build your online community, expand your reach, market to multiple channels and show social proof of your success.
  •  Establish your unique value proposition so you can speak clearly about what makes you different than your competitors.
  • Develop a signature program or proprietary process that strengthens your position of authority in the marketplace.
  • Create a clear brand message so you can market your unique value with clarity and consistency across all marketing channels, attract new clients and increase revenue.
  • Create a simple marketing machine the generates leads and turns them into prospects so you can build your client base.